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Smart technology solutions for Museums & Art Galleries

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Smarttrack RFID Readers

The Smarttrack System incorporates both handheld and Fixed RFID readers.

Smarttrack Handheld Readers

Handheld readers are used to identify objects or artworks whilst in boxes, on shelves, in drawers, on display, etc without needing to handle the object. The handheld reader is used to perform a variety of functions, namely:

  • Identifying objects on shelves
  • Carrying out audits, inventories and stock-takes
  • Searching for misplaced objects and artworks.

Smarttrack RFID uses a variety of Android Handheld UHF RFID Readers.

Handheld Readers

Smarttrack Fixed Readers

Fixed readers are used to register or track objects or artworks as they move, and ensure that your organisation has complete visibility of its collection at all times. Fixed readers can be either Portals or Desktop Read Stations.

Portal Read Points:

Portal Read Points are integrated into key points of your institution and are used to track the movement of artworks or objects into or out of an area (a storage area for example). Because of the long read range of UHF RFID tags, Track Points can be set up to cover doorways of up to 10m wide x 5m high (e.g. a loading dock).

The Smarttrack RFID portal incorporates the following;

  • 4 port UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader
  • RFID antennas – up to 4 antennas required to ensure high read rates
  • I/O sensors (optional) – infra red sensors used to determined direction of travel and to define the read event. Red LED light and alarm used for alerts.
  • Portal Gantry (optional) – custom designed gantry used to easily create Smarttrack Portal Read Points. Existing structures can be used with suitable brackets.

Smarttrack Portal Read Points are used to record the movement of tagged items and employees. Alerts can be sent back to the reader in order to sound an alarm or generate a red light via the I/O port.

Smarttrack Track Point
  1. Portal Gantry (optional)
  2. UHF RFID Reader
  3. RFID antennas (up to 4)
  4. I/O sensor control box (optional)
  5. Red LED Light (optional)
  6. Infra Red sensors (optional)
  7. Tagged objects

Desktop Read Stations :

Desktop Read Stations are used for the bulk registering of tags with objects or artworks. The base station is connected to a networked PC and enables objects and artworks to be quickly and efficiently registered into the Smarttrack software.
The Smarttrack Desktop Read Station is used to easily register newly tagged items. It comprises a UHF Gen 2 reader with an integrated antenna. The Reader can be connected to a PC or network via USB or Ethernet.

Desktop Read Icon



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