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SmartTrack RFID

Smart technology solutions for Museums & Art Galleries

Quickly and easily find misplaced items

Museum and Art Gallery collections can number in the tens of thousands to the millions. With such vast collections, misplacing an object through misfiling or data-entry error essentially means these objects are ‘lost’ until a complete inventory of the collection can be completed. However, this is usually not feasible due to the significant labour required, and potentially places undue risk on other objects needing to be handled as the missing object is searched for. The Smarttrack RFID solution provides a simple, fast and effective means for finding these misplaced objects.

Find misplaced objects without opening boxes

By using the Smarttrack RFID CS101 Handheld reader misplaced objects can be quickly and easily located. The handheld enables a user to simply walk slowly up and down storage aisles scanning for the misplaced object (or objects), without needing to open any boxes, crates, etc or move or handle any other objects.

How does it work?

The user scans shelves using the CS101 handheld reader. Once the tagged object (or objects) is within range of the reader (this can be up to 4 m away) the reader provides the user with a beep which informs them that they are within range of the object that is being searched for. The CS101 can then ‘home’ in on the object using the signal strength of the tag read to pinpoint its precise location down to a few centimetres. Essentially this provides a simple but effective ‘hot-cold’ method for searching for misplaced items.

Using the CS101 a misplaced item within a large collection store can normally be found within a matter of minutes, whereas it would essentially be lost otherwise.


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