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We utilise an 8 stage project methodology; a simple, structured, solution that provides for the smooth integration and implementation of Smarttrack solutions into your environment.

A brief summary of the steps involved are shown below:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Development of the project charter; including project definition, high-level project plan, project environment, and project approvals with agreed timeline.

  3. Requirements Definition
  4. In this phase, specific requirements are assessed (see below) and a detailed project plan is defined -

    • Requirements Analysis including hardware needs and data migration
    • Current and Future Process Identification
    • Gap Identification and Resolution
    • Specific functionality requirements
    • Business Rules
    • Project Resource and Communication Plan

  5. System Configuration
  6. In this phase, solution components are developed, configured and / or installed.

  7. System Test
  8. The system will be tested in its entirety as well as the testing of key interfaces to the system.

    • Test – Full System Test
    • User Acceptance Test
    • Fix errors
    • Document Results

  9. User Training
    • Operating Procedures – develop customised “how to” guides
    • Manual Development
    • Organisational Change Management Program
    • Training courses
    • “Train the Trainer” programs

  10. System Implementation
  11. The system is rolled out in a predefined timetable

    • Task Plan
    • Data Collection, Conversion and Migration
    • Stabilisation, Monitor and Adjustment
    • Rollout Planning
    • Go Live

  12. Ongoing Support
    • An on-going support plan will be agreed and implemented

  13. System Enhancements
    • Implementation of new functionality as it becomes available
    • Training & Organisational Change management
    • Support



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