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Smarttrack RFID have developed a range of RFID labels and tags specifically for Museums and Galleries.

The labels are made using UHF Gen 2 inlays from a range of leading global RFID inlay manufacturers. In conjunction with our label manufacturing partners, we use these inlays to make our complete range of Smarttrack RFID labels.

An RFID inlay comprises a chip (integrated circuit) that has been mounted on a flexible PET or paper substrate, which has been pre-printed with conductive ink (or assembled with an etched, stamped, or vapour-deposited antenna pattern), according to the particular antenna design. The resulting inlay assembly is then converted or sandwiched between a printed label and its adhesive backing, yielding a smart label. The label can then be programmed with a unique identifier (UID).

Tag chips can be factory programmed before they are assembled or a printer encoder can be used to print the labels and encode the chips simultaneously.



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